Thursday, November 8, 2007

"25,000 for a Hot Chocolate?"
By: John Sullivan

Congratulations I applaud you. They finally made a desert worth 25,000 dollars. Wait, wait look on eBay some just put a piece of cake up for 26,000 dollars. Who would buy that a piece of cake on eBay for 26,000 dollars? No one in their right minds would buy it but that person is now in the book of world records for most expensive desert. I say put this record in the record book when someone buys the frozen chocolate milk. But, but it is worth more it has gold in it. OOOOO that’s a nice touch I don't mind gold but when I'm picking it out of my braces that night that would take forever. I think that the first person that buys the thing should go into the book of world records. Please if you have 25,000 do not I repeat do not spend it on a desert if you just want to throw it away like that please donate it to a cause like water purifiers in Africa or on medicine or give to the local homeless shelter it is the holiday season don't indulge yourself. With 25,000 dollars I could indulge myself and help the needy. Their just going to lose money off of this deal by the time someone orders it all the ingredients will have gone bad and it will taste like dog poo but with gold in it (It might even look like it to). If anyone has this much money to spend on a desert then… WOW. I'd think they could have spent it on something else much better like a car. Now the poor are feeling even poorer because now they think that the average American can afford a 25,000 dollar desert. so it is not only what this says is about our restaurant is better that your restaurant. It also says wow were really poor we should just gave up on life even though they arc coder to catching up than the they think then they will fall behind and keep on falling. This could possibly come over the whole world then it would be like the great depression again. Do we never listen to history because it always seems to repeat it's self?

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