Thursday, November 8, 2007

"25,000 for a Hot Chocolate?"
By: John Sullivan

Congratulations I applaud you. They finally made a desert worth 25,000 dollars. Wait, wait look on eBay some just put a piece of cake up for 26,000 dollars. Who would buy that a piece of cake on eBay for 26,000 dollars? No one in their right minds would buy it but that person is now in the book of world records for most expensive desert. I say put this record in the record book when someone buys the frozen chocolate milk. But, but it is worth more it has gold in it. OOOOO that’s a nice touch I don't mind gold but when I'm picking it out of my braces that night that would take forever. I think that the first person that buys the thing should go into the book of world records. Please if you have 25,000 do not I repeat do not spend it on a desert if you just want to throw it away like that please donate it to a cause like water purifiers in Africa or on medicine or give to the local homeless shelter it is the holiday season don't indulge yourself. With 25,000 dollars I could indulge myself and help the needy. Their just going to lose money off of this deal by the time someone orders it all the ingredients will have gone bad and it will taste like dog poo but with gold in it (It might even look like it to). If anyone has this much money to spend on a desert then… WOW. I'd think they could have spent it on something else much better like a car. Now the poor are feeling even poorer because now they think that the average American can afford a 25,000 dollar desert. so it is not only what this says is about our restaurant is better that your restaurant. It also says wow were really poor we should just gave up on life even though they arc coder to catching up than the they think then they will fall behind and keep on falling. This could possibly come over the whole world then it would be like the great depression again. Do we never listen to history because it always seems to repeat it's self?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

“Zoo Details Hippos Ill-fated Trip”
By: Manny Gonzales

Animal rights groups were questioning the Hippos death. It seems to me that the hippo was well cared for and died probably just because it was her time to go. I do not see much of a difference of flying the hippo there as compared to driving the hippo there. I think that flying the hippo there would have been more dangerous because she would have died doing that to plus on take and landing it could cause her great stress that is not needed on a hippo that is being transported. What is the big deal with her laying down I mean would you like to stand for 29 hours going to Calgary. That would be a lot of wasted energy in my opinion. I feel that it was good for an animal rights group to check into this because this should not be happening. Things just happen sometimes that we can not explain and it bugs us way to much Just get over it and let life go on.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

"President Visits scene of Fires, Promising Help"
By: Jennifer Steinhauer

Promising Help, in my option these are the key words in this headline. President Busch promised to help those in hurricane Katrina but it seemed to me that he was all talk and no walk. Hurricane Katrina was three years ago and some of the cleanup has not even stared yet. Busch is not giving this any more attention because he probably thinks that it is all cleaned up. Come on give me a break just because it is three years after doesn't mean that it is all taken care of if it was would they still have to be sending the amount of volunteers down that they are. I want to know what President Busch is promising to do since it dose not say in the article. Either the article headline is poorly written or the president is pulling another move on us what help exactly will he be giving Southern California. If he is promising help wouldn't it be nice to know what kind of help you would be given. If you ever received any help I know that if I put into this situation I would not be happy with an empty promise like this. I think that Katrina is a perfect example of lack of fulfillment by the government of the U.S. it might be the states fault but if the state messes up shouldn't the U.S. government kick in to help to bring peace to the citizen's life. When I think about it some of the citizens have lived with this stress for three years now. How would you feel if you had to live for three years wondering if you would ever have a house again? These fires are leaving people with the same question. In my opinion this is a chance for Busch to redeem him self but if he fails it is not looking to hot for him in the future. will this be ignored for three years just because it is a much smaller incident. I mean not even Hurricane Katrina was not big enough to get his attention and it was pretty big. All I have to say now is wake up America.
“Main Ideas Takeaways from CyberCitizenship”
By: David Worlick

David I have to say that I agree Internet safety is real. There are psychos out there who want to hurt you verbally or physically. They will do without hesitation; the government is not doing enough to protect kids from internet predators. Right now the focus of the computer problem is that there are not computers in every classroom. The problem that I have with this is that not having computers in all the classrooms is not hurting anyone. Sure it would be nice to have computers in every classroom for every student but it is not hurting anyone. I think that once all internet bully’s are put to rest then the U.S. can concentrate on putting computers in every class room for kids to use every day. For the meantime though we should be focusing on the real problem at hand Internet Saftey. You could be the next one who they attack. There are so many ways that an internet predator they can take money find out where you live just the slightest slip up could get you killed (just kidding). There are however consequences if you do happen to slip up. These internet predators thrive in internet chat rooms witch is where most slip ups are likely to occur and if they do these predators will jump on them like a mouse on cheese. There are people out there though who go out and set traps for these types of people. They will go out on to one of the sites where they thrive and porously give away to much information to let them arrange a meeting place then BAM they are caught just like this. I feel that this is a great idea but just because there are people doing this dose not mean that the internet id totally safe for us to use. This is why we as the U.S. should be working harder to protect are own kind. We send people over seas to protect us when we can not even protect ourselves from ourselves. Focus on this problem before we focus on other problems. This is kind of like the problem I have putting off the important things to do the fun things.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Welcome Rocky Mountain News Readers"
By: Carl Fisch

If you have not seen his power point you should. It was the most amazing thing that I have ever seen. This is a great way to present the future and what it will be like. One thing I do not understand is if other countries are progressing so much faster than us how it seems like we are progressing fast as well. Just imagine how fast that they must be progressing. I think that this is a real eye opener to all who read it. I feel that more people should know things like this and that this should become common knowledge to the general public. This information should not shock us even though it dose. When I think about how items that you buy at a store are made in China or Japan. These are slowly progressing countries and eventually their military will become stronger than ours. Then we will feel threatened and this could lead to another one of those world war type situations. What I am trying to say is that even tough we have a lot of problems of our own in the U.S. so I do not think that we should be over in Iraq but we should know what is going on and if something bad is going on we should let them figure it out. How would the population of the U.S. feel if china decided to send their army over to the U.S. and solve all the problems that we have? Don't go over to another country and try to solve their problems when we can hardly handle our own problems. How would you feel if you were an Iraqi in this situation? I know that I would hate it I would be like who are these idiots coming in and trying to "save us." Yep you guessed it those idiots are the Americans can't solve our own problems but we will try to solve yours. Now dose that make since? I feel that Mr. Fisch deserves a huge thank you for writing this eye opener of a power point.
"Not even Halloween is sacred these days"
By David Harsanyi

Whose dumb idea was it to ban Halloween? A teacher claims that Halloween should be banned from schools because some kids get excluded. What about all those kids who are not excluded do you want them to not have any fun at all? I f your answer is yes I think that you are wrong. Banning Halloween is like saying hey lets ban thanksgiving since not every one can afford to have a thanksgiving dinner. I do not think Halloween should be banned form schools. That is just plain wrong middle schools already suck the fun out of everything. Elementary schools don't have to do that those kids already have the worst three years of their life to look forward to. Let them have fun now when they're younger. Exclusion is not the problem, sure ya I feel sorry for the kid with no friends but isn't that kid of his fault. Why hasn't he made any friends though all of the years at the school. If he is a new kid the way we are pushing niceness theses day someone will be nice to him so that he feels included. What is banning Halloween going to do? All it will do is make more kids feel excluded because there friends who go to different schools will be all excited about the up and coming Halloween party. So the kids will hear about all the really cool Halloween parties coming up and they will start to feel left out or even worse gasp excluded oh no what will we ever do call in the cranky teacher to come ban Halloween from all the schools here comes yeah we are all saved for feeling excluded. I wish that cranky super teacher good luck with taking fun away from all of those poor children who will be rearing and ready to fight for there right to celebrate Halloween. Not only will they not let the children celebrate Halloween in the note to the parents telling them this they used the words "Fall festival." Now if this was another one of the Christmas should be called a Holliday things it would be different. What religion is offended by the word Halloween and if they are it only comes around once a year so get over. Come on what are we the society of thin skinned people get some thick skin and don't go crying to your mama when you hear or see the word Halloween. I feel that you have nailed this topic right on the head so I agree 100% with you.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

"South Africa Closes Mine That Trapped 3,200"
By: Michael Wines

Yet again another mine has collapsed trapping 3200 workers inside of it. This is not the first time that this has happened to the world, and after every time we say that our mine inspections will become better. But are the mine inspections really becoming better? You would like to think so wouldn't you? In my opinion the inspections might actually be getting worse. If you think about it there is more and more in the news about how anther mine collapsed trapping how ever many people. Most of the time people end up dieing in a situation like this. That is just one more death because one inspector on that particular day decided to say hey this is just anther mine I bet it was built just fine. So he proceeded to walk through the mine pretending t be inspecting even though he was really thinking about what he was going to have for lunch and dinner that day. At the end he sings off and says yep this mine is safe for you to start mining in. Then the next month that very same mine collapses trapping three people in side with all of the toxic gases, and this guy has know idea that this was the mine that he had inspected the month earlier. So I feel that all of the mines collapsing are just someone's fault that was do tired to do their job thoroughly that day. This mine in South Africa is just anther example of a poor inspection.
Another reason why this is so bad is that in the U.S. there are a lot of school shootings and schools security is always enhanced because of this. In a school people can and probably will die, just like in a mine collapsing people can and most likely will die. So why are the schools given so much more attention? People die in both situations, what makes the schools so much more important? Is it the fact that these are young kids and that they still have the rest of their life's to live. Well he something surprising is young people work in the mines people of ages 20 to 40 are working in those mines they still have most of there life's to live to, don't they? This issue is not given the amount of attition that it to be given. People die in accidents like these people die in car accidents and the cars are made safer every year with all of the new air bag technology. Why aren't the mines made safer for the miners don't they deserve it to. I think they do.