Tuesday, September 25, 2007

All Work and no Play
By: Karl Fisch

This article stresses the fact that if you are all work and no play then your life may become very stressful. At Arapahoe they say that students who participate in an after school activity generally have better grades than those who do not. Probably because they have to keep there grades up to stay in the after school activity and it limits there homework time so then they will work harder and more diligently. I think that this is also part of a big problem with the U.S., obesity. If you are all work and no play you will eventually become fat so just get out and play. You will also become more stressed and will not be able to focus on the things in life that are really important. Which can and will make you life much more stressful than it has to be. So as the title of this article suggests you should not be all work and no play. I really agree with this article because it is totally accurate. So just get out there and play it will make your life a whole lot better even if it dose not seem like it.
Denver man in Minn. Jail over duck beheading
By: The associated press

In Minnesota a Denver business man is being charged with animal cruelty for picking up a tame duck and ripping its head off. The police said that he was drunk. When I read this article I realized that people will do some crazy things if they are hungry. Now we have no idea what kind of service this man got at his hotel maybe he had ordered duck tough room service the last night and he had never got it so he came down the next morning and being angry that he never got his duck he decided to rip the head off a tame one. The article says that the hotel may be to blame here for not protecting the duck well enough but do you really think that the hotel thought that the a man would rip the head off of a duck if it was sitting a the lobby when they were formulating this idea of a duck pond in there head. Now people say that the hotel could have just stuck to fish of an anther type of an aquatic animal but who’s to say that this man would not rip the head off of this animals well. Would he be charged for animal cruelty for this if he rips the head off of a fish. Now I bet all of us have had a fish and forgotten to feed it then it died. Is that animal cruelty? I mean you starved the fish and then it died are you going to go to jail for that or will any one care it is just a fish. I mean come on it is just a duck sure they have feelings to but fish have the same feelings, they are both animals aren’t they. I feel his actions were a little overboard but I mean come on is it really worth two years in jail for ripping the head off of a duck. Isn’t jail were we send people who have committed real crimes who could be harmful to the community. It’s not like he ripped off a human head. So I feel that this is why two years in jail is not a worthy punishment for a man who ripped off a head of the duck. Supposedly he was drunk if you catch a man drunk driving is he sent to jail for two years, no, maybe just a day or two. Personally I feel a drunk driver is more of a threat that a drunken man ripping of duck heads.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Schools New Approach to Discipline
By: Jeremy p. Meyer

The Denver public schools have the highest rate of drop out of any Colorado school district. Officials believe that this could be caused by the amount of suspensions. This makes since to me because if I was suspended enough times I might just think that since I am always out of school because they do not want me there so why should I show up. Also if a kid gets suspended they might not even get in to too much trouble with his parents, and it might just be an easy way to get out of school. So I think that the new discipline system will work because they could have those courses at the school and those kids would not be getting out of school and it could change their perspective on why they want to stay in or drop out of school. If the classes go accordingly then they will make the smart choice and stay in school. Life will be mush better if the kids decide to stay in school. It will keep them occupied and they will not be able to do as much vandalism so I definitely agree with this new punishment system.
Wikipedia: 4 out of 5 experts agree
By: Karl Fisch

Even though 4 out of 5 experts say that Wikipedia is a good source for students doing research I agree with the one who dose not agree with them. “Just because you are one and they are many dose not mean they are right” prefontaine. I agree with the one who dose not agree with the rest because his reasons seemed to be much stronger than the other reasons. He and I both know that anyone can get on to wikipedia and change the answer that is given to the wrong one if they think that they are right. This could lead to someone putting false information on to their paper which could result in and F. If this happens it could be very hard to pull your self back up and get an A in the class. So I prefer to use Encarta as a source instead of wikipedia. I find it to be much more reliable.