Thursday, November 1, 2007

“Zoo Details Hippos Ill-fated Trip”
By: Manny Gonzales

Animal rights groups were questioning the Hippos death. It seems to me that the hippo was well cared for and died probably just because it was her time to go. I do not see much of a difference of flying the hippo there as compared to driving the hippo there. I think that flying the hippo there would have been more dangerous because she would have died doing that to plus on take and landing it could cause her great stress that is not needed on a hippo that is being transported. What is the big deal with her laying down I mean would you like to stand for 29 hours going to Calgary. That would be a lot of wasted energy in my opinion. I feel that it was good for an animal rights group to check into this because this should not be happening. Things just happen sometimes that we can not explain and it bugs us way to much Just get over it and let life go on.


Kira E. said...

I read the same article as you and I didn't view it the same way but now that I looked at what you had to say, I agree with you. I thought flying the hippo would have been better but i didn't look at the negatives to flying. Do you think the world cares about this?

Matt H said...

Whats up Brett? What exactly happened? Your writing was good but, what exactly happened explain it a little. You're a great writer just go into more detail. Keep it up!!!!!!!!
MATT/Albino Blacksheep

Dillon G. said...

I agree with you completely that this is animal cruelty and I think the zoo should be held responsible for the death of the innocent animal. They could have thought it out better on how they were going to transport the hippo maybe giving it more space to move freely. I hadn't thought about thw whole airplane thing but now that you mentioned that it could have been more dangerous, I understand your reasoning. How does this relate to the world and why does it matter? Remember to ask yourself these questions for your next blog. Overall, you did a good job.