Thursday, October 25, 2007

"President Visits scene of Fires, Promising Help"
By: Jennifer Steinhauer

Promising Help, in my option these are the key words in this headline. President Busch promised to help those in hurricane Katrina but it seemed to me that he was all talk and no walk. Hurricane Katrina was three years ago and some of the cleanup has not even stared yet. Busch is not giving this any more attention because he probably thinks that it is all cleaned up. Come on give me a break just because it is three years after doesn't mean that it is all taken care of if it was would they still have to be sending the amount of volunteers down that they are. I want to know what President Busch is promising to do since it dose not say in the article. Either the article headline is poorly written or the president is pulling another move on us what help exactly will he be giving Southern California. If he is promising help wouldn't it be nice to know what kind of help you would be given. If you ever received any help I know that if I put into this situation I would not be happy with an empty promise like this. I think that Katrina is a perfect example of lack of fulfillment by the government of the U.S. it might be the states fault but if the state messes up shouldn't the U.S. government kick in to help to bring peace to the citizen's life. When I think about it some of the citizens have lived with this stress for three years now. How would you feel if you had to live for three years wondering if you would ever have a house again? These fires are leaving people with the same question. In my opinion this is a chance for Busch to redeem him self but if he fails it is not looking to hot for him in the future. will this be ignored for three years just because it is a much smaller incident. I mean not even Hurricane Katrina was not big enough to get his attention and it was pretty big. All I have to say now is wake up America.

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Sean J. said...

Brett your blog really showed me your opinion on this article. Well done. You made a great connection to Katrina. Good Job.