Thursday, October 25, 2007

“Main Ideas Takeaways from CyberCitizenship”
By: David Worlick

David I have to say that I agree Internet safety is real. There are psychos out there who want to hurt you verbally or physically. They will do without hesitation; the government is not doing enough to protect kids from internet predators. Right now the focus of the computer problem is that there are not computers in every classroom. The problem that I have with this is that not having computers in all the classrooms is not hurting anyone. Sure it would be nice to have computers in every classroom for every student but it is not hurting anyone. I think that once all internet bully’s are put to rest then the U.S. can concentrate on putting computers in every class room for kids to use every day. For the meantime though we should be focusing on the real problem at hand Internet Saftey. You could be the next one who they attack. There are so many ways that an internet predator they can take money find out where you live just the slightest slip up could get you killed (just kidding). There are however consequences if you do happen to slip up. These internet predators thrive in internet chat rooms witch is where most slip ups are likely to occur and if they do these predators will jump on them like a mouse on cheese. There are people out there though who go out and set traps for these types of people. They will go out on to one of the sites where they thrive and porously give away to much information to let them arrange a meeting place then BAM they are caught just like this. I feel that this is a great idea but just because there are people doing this dose not mean that the internet id totally safe for us to use. This is why we as the U.S. should be working harder to protect are own kind. We send people over seas to protect us when we can not even protect ourselves from ourselves. Focus on this problem before we focus on other problems. This is kind of like the problem I have putting off the important things to do the fun things.

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