Thursday, October 4, 2007

"South Africa Closes Mine That Trapped 3,200"
By: Michael Wines

Yet again another mine has collapsed trapping 3200 workers inside of it. This is not the first time that this has happened to the world, and after every time we say that our mine inspections will become better. But are the mine inspections really becoming better? You would like to think so wouldn't you? In my opinion the inspections might actually be getting worse. If you think about it there is more and more in the news about how anther mine collapsed trapping how ever many people. Most of the time people end up dieing in a situation like this. That is just one more death because one inspector on that particular day decided to say hey this is just anther mine I bet it was built just fine. So he proceeded to walk through the mine pretending t be inspecting even though he was really thinking about what he was going to have for lunch and dinner that day. At the end he sings off and says yep this mine is safe for you to start mining in. Then the next month that very same mine collapses trapping three people in side with all of the toxic gases, and this guy has know idea that this was the mine that he had inspected the month earlier. So I feel that all of the mines collapsing are just someone's fault that was do tired to do their job thoroughly that day. This mine in South Africa is just anther example of a poor inspection.
Another reason why this is so bad is that in the U.S. there are a lot of school shootings and schools security is always enhanced because of this. In a school people can and probably will die, just like in a mine collapsing people can and most likely will die. So why are the schools given so much more attention? People die in both situations, what makes the schools so much more important? Is it the fact that these are young kids and that they still have the rest of their life's to live. Well he something surprising is young people work in the mines people of ages 20 to 40 are working in those mines they still have most of there life's to live to, don't they? This issue is not given the amount of attition that it to be given. People die in accidents like these people die in car accidents and the cars are made safer every year with all of the new air bag technology. Why aren't the mines made safer for the miners don't they deserve it to. I think they do.

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