Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Not even Halloween is sacred these days"
By David Harsanyi

Whose dumb idea was it to ban Halloween? A teacher claims that Halloween should be banned from schools because some kids get excluded. What about all those kids who are not excluded do you want them to not have any fun at all? I f your answer is yes I think that you are wrong. Banning Halloween is like saying hey lets ban thanksgiving since not every one can afford to have a thanksgiving dinner. I do not think Halloween should be banned form schools. That is just plain wrong middle schools already suck the fun out of everything. Elementary schools don't have to do that those kids already have the worst three years of their life to look forward to. Let them have fun now when they're younger. Exclusion is not the problem, sure ya I feel sorry for the kid with no friends but isn't that kid of his fault. Why hasn't he made any friends though all of the years at the school. If he is a new kid the way we are pushing niceness theses day someone will be nice to him so that he feels included. What is banning Halloween going to do? All it will do is make more kids feel excluded because there friends who go to different schools will be all excited about the up and coming Halloween party. So the kids will hear about all the really cool Halloween parties coming up and they will start to feel left out or even worse gasp excluded oh no what will we ever do call in the cranky teacher to come ban Halloween from all the schools here comes yeah we are all saved for feeling excluded. I wish that cranky super teacher good luck with taking fun away from all of those poor children who will be rearing and ready to fight for there right to celebrate Halloween. Not only will they not let the children celebrate Halloween in the note to the parents telling them this they used the words "Fall festival." Now if this was another one of the Christmas should be called a Holliday things it would be different. What religion is offended by the word Halloween and if they are it only comes around once a year so get over. Come on what are we the society of thin skinned people get some thick skin and don't go crying to your mama when you hear or see the word Halloween. I feel that you have nailed this topic right on the head so I agree 100% with you.

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