Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Welcome Rocky Mountain News Readers"
By: Carl Fisch

If you have not seen his power point you should. It was the most amazing thing that I have ever seen. This is a great way to present the future and what it will be like. One thing I do not understand is if other countries are progressing so much faster than us how it seems like we are progressing fast as well. Just imagine how fast that they must be progressing. I think that this is a real eye opener to all who read it. I feel that more people should know things like this and that this should become common knowledge to the general public. This information should not shock us even though it dose. When I think about how items that you buy at a store are made in China or Japan. These are slowly progressing countries and eventually their military will become stronger than ours. Then we will feel threatened and this could lead to another one of those world war type situations. What I am trying to say is that even tough we have a lot of problems of our own in the U.S. so I do not think that we should be over in Iraq but we should know what is going on and if something bad is going on we should let them figure it out. How would the population of the U.S. feel if china decided to send their army over to the U.S. and solve all the problems that we have? Don't go over to another country and try to solve their problems when we can hardly handle our own problems. How would you feel if you were an Iraqi in this situation? I know that I would hate it I would be like who are these idiots coming in and trying to "save us." Yep you guessed it those idiots are the Americans can't solve our own problems but we will try to solve yours. Now dose that make since? I feel that Mr. Fisch deserves a huge thank you for writing this eye opener of a power point.

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